Online Resources

We are in uncharted territory now as we seek to be the church without meeting together for a time. To help aid our spiritual growth as a congregation, we want to share these resources with you. In the link below, you will find a variety of links to the videos for several studies, including Adam Hamilton’s “Unafraid” study that a few groups have used, the “Adult Bible Studies” that is currently used by the Crusaders class, and the “Deep Blue Kids” videos that are used in Power and Light. There are also videos for four Lenten studies! This is a great resource that is being made available and I encourage you to take a look and watch any studies that pique your interest. We will continue to find ways to help us virtually connect with one another as we navigate new ways of being the church while helping to keep vulnerable people safe during this pandemic. Please let us know what needs arise that you are aware of.