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2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

The AFUMC Scholarship Committee met last night and awarded scholarships to the following students: Tucker Robinson, Kyler Schardein, Jaden Walters, Rae Schwarting, Gabe Johnson, Allie Walters, Marissa Schardein, Mallory Schardein, Keil Kelly, Jordan Luty, Ben Luty, and Andrew Schwarting. Congratulations!

2019 Scholarship Applications

We’ll be announcing this year’s Scholarship Recipients soon. However, next year’s applications are already up at year’s applications must be completed in full and submitted to the church office or the AHS Counselors’ office by 5:00 p.m., Monday, April 8, 2019, to be eligible for consideration. The scholarship committee will convene on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.

A Way Forward: The One Church Plan

The Council of Bishops has met and endorsed “The One Church Plan.” According to the summary on

To find a way forward on the denomination’s homosexuality debate, bishops are recommending the church allow more freedom at the conference and local church levels.

Under what the Council of Bishops calls the One Church Plan, decisions about whether to ordain LGBTQ clergy or to officiate at same-gender unions would be made closer to the congregational level.

The plan would remove the restrictive language against the practice of homosexuality in the Book Discipline, the denomination’s policy book. The plan also adds assurances to pastors and conferences who in good conscience cannot perform same-sex weddings or ordain “self-avowed practicing” gay clergy that they don’t have to do so. [1]

Our understanding (Jenny’s and mine) is that if this plan is approved by General Conference (a big if) it would leave individual annual conferences to decide whether or not to ordain LGBT folk and individual congregations and pastors to decide whether or not marriages between same-sex couples would be performed in a local church. Bishop Saenz has a pastoral letter here:

[1] United Methodist Communications, “Bishops Propose Plan for Way Forward,” The United Methodist Church, May 04, 2018, accessed May 04, 2018,


This Evening’s Church Events Cancelled

It’s church policy to close the office and cancel events when school is cancelled due to weather. In the light of the school’s cancelation of after-school events, we will be canceling this evening’s activities—with the exception of Power & Light. That means no Ring Praise (youth bell choir), no communion service, no Youth Group, no Choir, and no John Wesley Bell Choir (adult bell choir). As I said above, Power & Light is still on, but that’s because we don’t want to leave anyone in the lurch, but, if possible, parents are encouraged to pick up their kids early.