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Bible Study and Communion

Today, May 18, 2022, at 6 p.m. we’ll be celebrating our final Wednesday Communion in room 200. 

Prior to that, beginning at 5:15, we’ll have our final Wednesday Bible Study on eternal life. You can attend in person in room 200 or you can join us via Zoom at You don’t need to read anything ahead of time to participate. (Most people don’t.) We’ll begin with a short video introduction and then continue the discussion from there. If you want to watch the video or study the materials ahead of time you can go to For the past nine years I’ve been trying to explain how salvation begins here and now and continues into forever in the life to come. If you want to hear an explanation of the same phenomena from a different perspective, this is the Bible Study for you. I hope to see you there.

Baptisms and Confirmations

We had baptisms and confirmations both this past Sunday. Jackson and Tyler Green were both baptized and confirmed. Others in this year’s confirmation class, who had been previously baptized, were Shane Bryant, Ethan Gonzales, Eyler Holt, and Luke Hunter. They were confirmed. Please congratulate all these youth and welcome them into the congregation when next you see them.

Things I Want You to Know #5

I’ve heard through the grapevine that a going away party is being planned for me. I’m not entirely sure who all is planning this, so I’m just going to share my preferences here. I would prefer not to have a stand alone party. I would prefer that Jenny be included because we were unable to have a farewell for her due in 2020 to Covid-19. 

We get the keys to the Manhattan townhouse on June 1. The moving truck departs with our stuff on June 15, my last Sunday will be June 19. Jenny and I are looking forward to sharing Holy Communion with you during that service. It would be great to have either our regular spread or some cake and punch-coffee-tea-whatever afterwards as we say goodbye to all of you. That’s really all we want or need.

Preaching Schedule

Below is the preaching schedule for the remainder of May and June 2022:
May 8: Confirmation Sunday
May 15: John Collins
May 22: John Collins
May 29: Peggy Riley
June 5: Rick Saylor
June 12: Mark Queen
June 19: John Collins
June 26: Amanda Cormack

Worship Livestreams for April 10, 2022

Tomorrow we’ll be reading Luke’s account of Jesus’ passion and death. There will be a short meditation afterwards, but the important thing is the reading itself. The praise band will be with us and the choir will provide special music.

We do our best to livestream both services every Sunday morning. Please let us know if you have any problems. (It’s the only way for us to know if something has gone awry.)

The 8:15 service should be here:
The 10:30 service should be here:

Words of Assurance from Steve Harper

I want to share something I saw recently from Steve Harper, a retired professor at Asbury Theological Seminary—the seminary now most aligned with the GMC. Speaking of his decision to remain in the UMC, He recently wrote: 

“I have learned that progressives believe in the inspiration and authority of Scripture as much as any conservative does. Our differences are about hermeneutics [the interpretation of the Bible], not revelation. . . . My witness to those who will stay in the UMC is that you will remain in a denomination that is biblical. You do not have to join the GMC to be faithful to Scripture. . . . My witness to those who will remain in the UMC is that you have not compromised or diminished your faith by commending acceptance, inclusion, and the common good. You have, in fact, decided to personify Micah’s exhortation to “do justice” (Micah 6:8). . . . In sum, my witness to those who will remain in the UMC is this: if you want to be in a denomination where biblical authority, a credible theology of human sexuality, and a commitment to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself is in full force—you need not leave.” [1]

[1] Steve Harper, “Along the Way: Parting Words & Words of Witness,” Oboedire, March 17, 2022,