All Saints Sunday / Memorial Sunday

This Sunday we’ll be observing All Saints Day. You’re probably thinking that you haven’t observed All Saints Day in the past, but you have. You’ve simply called it Memorial Sunday. You’ve done everything a United Methodist Church would do for All Saints Sunday you just haven’t called it that.

This year we’re calling it All Saints Sunday / Memorial Day because I think really like the concept of All Saints Day and I want to tie our local observance into the larger practice of the church universal. As The United Methodist Book of Worship puts it “All Saints … is a day of remembrance for the saints, with the New Testament meaning of all Christian people of every time and place. We celebrate the communion of saints as we remember the dead, both of the Church universal and of our local congregations.”

In the liturgical year of the wider church All Saints is normally observed on the first day (or first Sunday) in November. However, you have the tradition of observing it on the Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend (a tradition that I think I’m going to like).