Construction Update

You may have noticed the the old yellow curtain on the stage in the Fellowship Hall was taken down several (actually many) months ago. It has been replaced by three walls that provide a curtain like effect. The Trustees decided to go with this option because the cost of building the three walls was a great deal less than the cost of procuring a new curtain. It’s also the case that the middle wall provides a great surface on which to mount a larger projection screen for Movie Events and Vacation Bible School. (The first screen sent to us for the sanctuary did not have an adequate drop and was replaced, as a result we have a very large screen available at no additional cost). The walls on the stage are now ready to be painted.

In the parlor and library, drywall has been hung to replace that which was damaged by water a couple of years ago. This is also waiting to be painted. The carpet that was damaged is in the process of being pulled up and will be replaced with the same style and color that is now in the sanctuary.