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If a Tree Falls In the Parking Lot

John Purvis, the chair of the board of trustees has informed me that the process of taking down the “Lightning Tree” by the west parking lot will begin today. I have mixed feelings. One one hand the tree was struck by lightning and if it’s not taken down it will be come a hazard. On the other hand I hate to see it goes, it’s the only named tree at First UMC.

Thanks for Installing LED Bulbs

The strips of lights in the sanctuary, both below and above, have now been replaced with high-efficiency LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs. A few months ago Herman Hoffman and Darrol Dunham replaced the strips in the lower coves and yesterday the Hoffman Family (Herman, Chris, Lillian, and Mia) replaced the ones up above. The cost of this project was covered by the Jon Thayer Fund. Thanks!


Sanctuary Art

Allie Walters has given the church the artwork pictured above. It’s named “Sanctuary.” In real life, it’s 22″ by 30.” The piece was made with compressed charcoal, 2B Conté (a specific kind of sketching pencil), pencil, and ink wash. It’s wonderful and we’re looking forward to getting it framed and displayed.

790 People

Taken from Darrol Dunham’s newsletter article:

Recently I’ve heard people talking about the different things members of this church do out in our community.  I wanted to bring to your attention a community service we provide that it is easy to forget about, and that is our building usage.  This building and its sanctuary, chapel, kitchens, meeting rooms, assembly halls, and other multipurpose rooms are open and available to all in the community.  I think many of us are unaware just how often they are used.  I went through and added up all of the meetings and events that occurred here October 9-15, 2016, and how many people were involved in those meetings and events.  I think you’ll be surprised at just how many people our “building” serves.  In that week alone, this building served over 790 people through providing a place for worship, committee meetings, family events, and other community meetings.

Back to Work, but Not Back in the Building – Updated

Our vacation week is done, and Jenny and I are getting back to work. But we aren’t getting back to our study in the church building (a pastor’s “office” is traditionally, and more accurately, referred to as a study) because the study is being painted. We’ll be back when the painting is complete, and the fumes have cleared. In the meantime, we’ll be working from home. Feel free to call us on our cell phones (always the best way to get ahold of us.)

Update: We’re back in the office.

Under Construction

As a prelude to laying new carpet and tile, the trustees are having some painting done. As part of that process the wall base has been removed in some rooms, it will be replaced after the carpet and tile have been laid. Thank you for your patience.

Carpet Challenge

In order to help raise funds for new carpet and tile, Dr. Brian Holmes wants to challenge everyone who hasn’t already given to the Flooring Fund to match his gift of $500. You can respond to this challenge by making an offering labeled “Flooring Fund” or sending a check to the church office at 601 N Cedar ST. We’ll let Brian know that you met his challenge.

A Question

We’re currently in the process of raising $60,000 for the installation of new carpet and tile throughout the ground level of the church building. Can anyone remember the last time this congregation spent that much money (or more)? Let John know at or 620-252-9622.

Map of Entrances

We do our best to be a friendly church that welcomes everyone who walks in the door, but we’ve recently learned that new people sometimes aren’t sure which door to walk in. To address this problem I’ve added the map below to the church’s website. Take a look at it and let me know if you think anything needs to be changed, added, or removed.

New Banners Ordered

Some of the mortar joints between the brick on the newer portion of the church building are being repointed this week. Because of this the old banners on both the east and west sides of the building have been taken down. Because the old banners had seen better days, new banners have been ordered. They will not match exactly (the old banners have been discontinued), but they will include the phrase “Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.”

Carpet and Tile Update

So far, $36,419.89 has been given/pledged for new carpet and tile in the sanctuary and throughout the ground level of the church. As mentioned in our letter to the congregation, cost estimates for this project range from $52,000 to $66,000.