Sunday's Coming

John Wesley preaching John Wesley preaching at a meeting house in Nottingham, England, in 1747. Note that his listeners are separated by gender which was customary at the time.

This Sunday is Ascension Sunday, but I’ll be going off the lectionary to preach a sermon based on Acts 17.22-31 and Exodus 3.13-22; 12.35-36 and titled “Plundering the Egyptians.” This sermon builds on the sermon from last Sunday but is not dependent upon it (in other words, if you weren’t able to be with us last Sunday, don’t let that hinder you from coming this Sunday.) Other scripture readings will be Psalm 47.5-8 and Luke 24.44-53. We’ll be celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion. We’ll be singing Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise by Charles Wesley (sung to the same tune as Christ the Lord is Risen Today), Amazing Grace, and I Come With Joy.