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Taming the Tongue

This Sunday (September 12, 2021), I’m preaching on James 3:1-12 which talks about taming the tongue. I would love some advice and tips from your experience about how you control what you say and resist saying things that would be satisfying, but unproductive. Drop me a line at or send me a text.

Worship — Sunday, September 5, 2021

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Worship Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Sunday, September 5, 2021), we’ll have the experience of the Youth Praise Band leading us for two hymns and providing special music. I’ll be preaching on James 2:1-17 and talking about how we go about putting our faith to work in our daily lives.

Sermon on Anger

Last week, I received a request for a sermon on dealing with anger. I think different people deal with anger in different ways and so I’m looking for some help. Send me your suggestions and strategies for handling anger at or by facebook, text, or phone.

This Week’s Sermon and Family Dynamics

This coming Sunday, July 11, 2021, I plan to preach on Mark 6:14-29. It will be a sermon about the persistent advance of the Reign of God in the face of opposition and adversity. But, before I read the scripture, I plan to introduce the passage by noting that “King” Herod had cheated on his wife with his brother’s wife, then divorced his wife and married his brother’s wife. Herod’s wife and her daughter were both named Herodias. You can come to hear about the tenacious advance of the Kingdom of God or you can come to hear about a set of family dynamics that will definitely make you feel better about your own. Either way we’ll be happy to see you.

What Does Friendship Mean to You?

This coming Sunday (May 9, 2021), I plan to preach on John 15:9-17. In verses 14-15, Jesus does a remarkable thing: he calls us friends. I looking for some help from all of you. What does friendship (in general, not with Jesus), mean to you. What makes someone a friend?

Bulletin and Sermon Now Online

Because I plan to keep my mask on while preaching this Sunday, I’ve made the sermon available online along with the bulletin. I’m doing this so that those who have trouble hearing can read along (since we don’t have closed captioning available). I should warn you that I often improvise, but I’ll do my best to stick with the text.

I Encourage You to Worship from Home

I’ve been asked what difference Dickinson County’s new mask mandate (Health Order #DK11-01) will make in our services this weekend. The only thing that has to be changed is that the signs requiring masks currently posted on our doors must be enlarged from 8″ x 8″ to 8.5″ x 11″. That’s it. Otherwise, we’re already compliant. A change that may be made will be for me to wear a mask even while preaching. (The order allows me to remove my mask for the sake of the hearing impaired, but I haven’t yet decided whether or not to do so. If I remain masked for the sermon, I have found a mask that better preserves the quality and clarity of my voice and I will publish my sermon notes online.)

I urge everyone who can watch online or listen on the radio instead of coming in-person to do so. I know that worship is important to many of you—it’s really important to me too. I understand that the experience of in-person worship is far superior to “virtual” worship. But, because of the increasing spread of COVID-19, Dr. Holmes, Bishop Saenz, and I all urge you to refrain from in-person worship for at least a month. That said, we will have services at 10:30 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday, we have plenty of extra masks, and I do not intend to turn anyone away.* In our present situation, you are the person best able to weigh your spiritual needs against the risks of in-person attendance. All I know is that the potential danger of attending in-person is both real and dire.

* To comply with #DK11-01, I will reluctantly turn people away in the unlikely event that we have more than 30 people show up.