Gender-Inclusive Bathroom Signage

From Karen Ice, chair of the board of trustees:

We replaced the signs for our two single-stall bathrooms with new “All-Gender Restroom” signs. CAUMC’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to make this change to offer a secure bathroom option for our transgender and nonbinary members and visitors. CAUMC’s Statement of Guiding Values calls us to treat others with dignity and compassion, and we honor this commitment by ensuring that our facilities accommodate all who enter and that our signage reflects our desire to welcome and support everyone. Signs within these restrooms explain the need for all-gender bathrooms:

For many transgender people and others who don’t conform to societal gender norms, using a public restroom is a daily struggle. Trans, nonbinary, Intersex, and genderqueer people might be harassed or even physically assaulted in a single gender restroom if they are assumed to be in the wrong place. Jesus wouldn’t want that.

As a practical matter, the new signs are also a response to the recently enacted Kansas law requiring people to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender assigned at birth.  They will provide our members and visitors with a clearly marked alternative to multiple-stall bathrooms restricted by gender, and they will allow us all to avoid the awkward questions and ID checks that the law may impose . You are welcome to contact me at 847-682-5910 or or to approach Pastor John with questions or concerns.