Donations from Dillons and HyVee

From Gary Beach, our church treasurer:

Did you know that both Dillons and HyVee provide charitable donations to our church. We earn this in the following ways.

The church office has $100 gift cards to HyVee that we are able to purchase at a 6% discount.. If you purchase one or more cards from Anna in the office we, in effect, make 6% on every card you buy.

If you shop at Dillons and use a Dillons Plus card you can designate College Ave UMC to be the recipient of a rebate on each purchase you make. To accomplish that go to your Dillons Plus app or account online and find the “Rewards” menu. If you click on that you find two choices, Fuel Points and Community Rewards. Choose Community Rewards and then you can select College Avenue United Methodist Church to be the recipient of rebates on your purchases.

This past week we received a check from Dillons for over $300 for the first quarter of the year. You can help us add to that total by signing up.

Each year the Church Council designates a committee or organization within the church to receive each months rebates from both HyVee and Dillons.

We appreciate your support.