Voices: Overcoming Our Fears

I found a keen insight by Richard Boyce while researching my sermon for this coming Sunday. It won’t make it into the sermon, but I wanted to share it here. It’s a commentary on John 14:1-7: “The constant move of Jesus in John is to recognize our fears regarding the future, then ask us to overcome those [fears] by abiding in Jesus’ presence with us now.” [1]

It’s an unsettling time for our country and our denomination (our local church seems to be doing just fine). But, moving forward, I’m going to try to abide in Jesus so that my fears might fall by the wayside.

[1] Richard N. Boyce, “John 14:1-7, Theological Perspective,” in Feasting on the Gospels: John, First Edition, vol. 2 (Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press, 2015).