The USD 383 FIT Closet Needs Our Help!

The USD 383 FIT Closet and the children and families of our community still have many critical needs. Please take a look at the post below to see how you can make a difference. Every little bit helps!

It’s not often that I find myself on the verge of tears at the FIT Closet – but lately, it’s been a more regular thing. Our bins of hygiene items, our linen closet, and many of our clothing bins are completely empty. It’s really disheartening/discouraging to have to repeatedly tell shoppers, “I’m sorry – but we don’t have this item, or this item…or this item…or that one…” I’m grateful for their gracious, accepting responses…but I want to do better. Can you help?
If you’d like to purchase hygiene items, you can shop local and deliver them to the Keith Noll Maintenance Center (2031 Casement Rd). They’re open M-F, 7a to 4p.
If you’d like to use our Amazon Wish List and have things shipped straight to us, that would be AWESOME!…
Clothing donations can be taken to the Keith Noll Maintenance Center (address and hours above).