Woodsy Time at the Riley’s!


Sunday, November 13th. Come at 3:00 and leave anytime! Please RSVP to help with our hot dogs and smores planning. The Riley’s email is bill@thepathfinder.net & ph: 785-537-2959

Hot dogs, buns, condiments, smores, and drinking water are provided. A special cobbler dessert will be provided by the Scouts.

Please bring: A non-dessert side dish (preferably in unbreakable containers). Flashlights, walking shoes & jackets. Folding chairs (if bench seating is not acceptable). Table service (reducing trash & environmental impact). Personal drinking cups.

Bulk water and soap will be available for hand washing.

A scavenger hunt game and directions to the picnic area will be offered at the parking lot.

All dishes, lawn chairs, and special-need equipment will be hauled from the parking lot to the picnic area, as well as covered dishes if possible.

Rides from the parking area will be available to the picnic area

as needed. The picnic area is a 15-minute(ish) walk from the parking on unpaved wooded paths.

Extra table service and cups will be available.

A camp toilet and basic first aid kit will also be available.

Location: 4555 Meadow Crest. A private drive off Junietta Road.