Bible Study: Gospel

This evening at 5:15, we’ll have a Bible study on the “Gospel.” Christians use this word all the time. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what Jesus meant (and even if you haven’t) this promises to be an informative session. You can join us in-person in room 200 or online by going to You don’t need to read anything ahead of time to participate. (Most people don’t.) We’ll begin with a five-six minute video introduction and then continue the discussion from there. If you want to study the materials ahead of time you can go to

If you’re debating whether or not to join us, please consider this testimony from Gregg Root:

“I would like to encourage anyone interested in attending our Bible Study to do so to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and share in this experience with our group. I’ve been attending this Bible Study via Zoom and have found it to be both engaging and enlightening.”