Communion and Non-Communion Services This Weekend

First United Methodist Church has long sought to be a place where everyone can feel welcome. During this pandemic, we’ve also sought to be a place where everyone can feel safe. That’s one reason (of several) why we’ve required masks and social distancing throughout COVID-19. Because we want everyone to feel safe, we have done our best to offer a quality worship experience to those who need or want to stay home via online video and the radio broadcast. (We have not always succeeded, but we have always tried, and we are getting better). 

Recognizing that different people have different levels of comfort with in-person worship, we’re going to split the difference this weekend and celebrate communion at the 10:30 Sunday Service, but not at the 10:30 Saturday Service. Even at the Sunday service where we’ll be taking communion, we’ll use the small, prepackaged communion cups and keep our masks on as much as possible. As your pastor, I would encourage you to participate in worship to whatever extent you feel safe doing so.