Tonight’s Service of Tenebrae

I’ve been busy working on arranging audio clips that volunteers have sent in for our Tenebrae Service tonight (Thursday, April 9, 2020). Tenebrae means darkness, and this is a service in which fifteen candles are extinguished as the passion story according to the Gospel of John is read. We’ll livestream the service in all the regular places tonight at 7:00 p.m. Sadly the service will not be broadcast on the radio. The livestream will remain up, and the service is also appropriate for Good Friday if you’re reading this post a day late. The bulletin for tonight can be found at

If you can locate 15 candles in your house, you’re welcome to begin the service with them lit up and put them out one by one after each reading. Tonight’s readers are Angie Hoerner, Kent Wyatt, Velda Becker, Ward Turnbull, Sandi Dutt, Jensen Woodworth, Brooke Woodworth, Jason Woodworth, Carson Woodworth, Liz Collins, Clark Williamson, Wendy Robinson, Mary Jo Miles, Beth Holmes, Jenny Collins and myself. We hope you can tune in.