Come to the Table

We’ll be celebrating Holy Communion this Sunday. Whenever something is going around or in the news the way Covid-19 Coronavirus is right now, it’s natural to get a little bit concerned about communion. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on (which included an expensive subscription to a medical journal), and I’m convinced that there is nothing to worry about, but I know that some folks are uncomfortable. Either with communion or the passing of the peace. Please don’t stay home from church for those reasons.

If passing the peace makes you uncomfortable, remember that we are bumping fists and knocking elbows. If that’s not enough, (or if you are an introvert), simply come to church at 8:20 or 10:35. (I am introverted enough that if I were not your pastor, I would come to church at 8:20 or 10:35.)

If you’re worried about communion, you can come up to the front of the sanctuary with your arms crossed, and Jenny and I will simply give you a blessing (without physical contact) instead of the body of Christ. You can also, as has always been the case, remain in your pew, and the two of us won’t think anything about it.