Changes to the Resolution

I have made some changes in the Resolution I submitted to the 2019 Great Plains Annual Conference. Along with the changes I included the following note:

The changes above (deletions crossed out and additions underlined) were made to avoid having the resolution declared out-of-order. They were made in light of Judicial Council Decisions 1297 and 1340 and after conversation with Bishop Saenz. I am disappointed the Great Plains Annual Conference cannot decide whether or not it’s money shall be expended for the purpose of enforcing the discriminatory, anti-LGBTQ+ policies found in our current polity, but I do not want the entire resolution to be declared out-of-order and set aside. I am hopeful that other means to the same ends will be successful.

If you no longer wish to have your name on the resolution you can email me at (You will need to use the same email that you signed on with.) If you’re still supportive and have not yet signed the resolution you may do so at