Biblical Pronunciation Guide

One of the lectionary Bible commentaries I consult, The Lector’s Guide and Commentary has a pronunciation guide for every lectionary reading. Here are the words for Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18:

Abram (AY-bruhm)
Chaldeans (kal-DEE-uhnz)
Damascus (duh-MAS-kuhs)
Eliezer (el’-ih-EE-zer)
Euphrates (yoo-FRAY-teez)
heifer (HEH-fer)
Ur (ER) [1]

I imagine it’s very helpful to some, but I just found it hilarious that the second to last one was listed and thought I would share.

[1] J. Ted Blakley, A Lector’s Guide and Commentary to the Revised Common Lectionary (Wichita, Kansas: St. Mark’s Press, 2010), 105.