Little Free Pantry Collection this Sunday

The larger pantry from which we stock the little free pantry has seen better days and so we’re asking for contributions to be brought this coming Sunday, September 2, 2018. A few needs: Canned fruit, vegetables, soup, and meet; cereal, breakfast, and granola bars; macaroni and cheese, ramen, spaghetti (and sauce); peanut butter and jelly, crackers (especially saltine crackers—they’re good for putting peanut butter and jelly on); add water only pancake mix and syrup; and fruit snacks.

A few final encouragements: ask yourself if you would eat what you are bringing and remember that the Little Free Pantry is, well, little.

A final note, people from the community not only take items but they also sometimes bring them and leave them in the pantry. This is a great way to involve the community in building for the Kingdom of God.

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