Hospital Stays: Another Reason We Need to Know

This morning I have another reason why we need for you to let us know when you’re in the hospital and desire a visit. I phoned Salina Regional Health Center and asked to speak with a parishioner. They told me they didn’t have a patient with that name. I tried the patient’s full name, they said nope, we don’t have anyone by that name. I called the parishioner’s spouse to make sure I had the right hospital and was told that yes that was the correct hospital. The spouse also gave me the exact room number they were in. I called the hospital back, and a different person answered the phone, this employee connected me immediately with just the name and no need for the room number.

If you’re going into the hospital and you want to be left alone for some peace, Jenny and I understand that, and we’ll happily respect your wishes. If you want a visit, be sure and let us know so that we can be persistent if necessary.