Church Directory Update

To those of you who have submitted your photos and contact information for the new church directory, thank you!  However, we have still not received photos or directory contact information from very many people. To give you an idea of how many haven’t turned in a photo, our last directory included 175 family photos. To date, we have received a total of only 83 family photos. In order to be fair, only those of you who have (or will) turn in photos will receive a photo directory. But there’s no need to panic! There are three easy ways for you to still submit a photo for the directory. One, you can still make an appointment for a free photo session with Keller Photography (and he will send us a digital copy of your photo—no purchase required). Two, you can send us a photo of you or your family. (Just make sure that if it is professionally taken you also send written permission from the photographer to publish it.) Or three, we can take a picture of you with our phones here at the church at any time. We will be the first to tell you they will not be of the same quality as the Keller photos, but it’s easy! We want you included so that we can have a good representation of everyone who is a part of First UMC!  

Additionally, due to privacy concerns, we will not print your personal contact information unless you submit it to us specifically for this church directory.  That means even though we already have your phone numbers and addresses on file here in our database system at the church, we will not publish them in the directory unless you submit them again specifically for publication in the directory. To give you an idea of how many have not submitted their contact information, in our last directory we listed the contact information for over 350 families.  To date, only 85 have submitted this information. So we have a very long way to go! Again, as with the photo section of the directory, only those who turn in contact information will be given the section with phone numbers and addresses. There are three easy ways to submit this information.  One, simply fill out the Church Directory Information form on the backside of the attendance slip included in the church bulletin on Sundays labeled “Church Directory Info.” Two, stop by the office and fill out a Church Directory Information form. Or three, email your contact information to Julie in the church office at  If you choose to email the information to Julie, please consider including the following information:

  • Name(s):  As you wish them published (This is pretty much a requirement.)
  • Address (including City, State, and Zip Code)
  • Home Phone Number
  • Cell Phone Number(s):  For however many people you wish, just be sure to indicate which cell number belongs to which person.
  • Email Address(es):  For whomever you wish, as before, indicate which address belongs to which person.

It is up to you how much, or how little you submit, just remember, we will not include anything that is not specifically given to us for this directory.  Thank you so much for your help!