Serrv Outreach Fundraiser

Received from Julie Mayden and lightly edited:

The last three Sundays in November, the Mission and Outreach committee will again be hosting a sale of Serrv products. Items ordered through the church should arrive before Christmas, and the Missions and Outreach Committee will receive up to 25% of the sales. If you’re interested in looking at what Serrv has to offer, you can visit (you can order directly, but the church only benefits if you order through us). There will be a table in the Narthex with catalogs and order forms during the sale, and catalogs are currently available in the office.

Serrv is an international, nonprofit, fair-trade organization that seeks to help artisans and small farmers by providing them a market for their goods at a fair price. This is a means of international economic development that allows those artisans and small farmers to help themselves.