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Human Relations Day Next Sunday

This Sunday, January 15, we will have a special offering for Human Relations Day. What is Human Relations Day? Human Relations Day is a denomination-wide Special Sunday designed to celebrate and raise awareness to further the development of better human relations by involving congregations in community and youth outreach.

A special offering is taken the Sunday before Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Gifts received for the offering build King’s vision of “the beloved community” through programs such as Community Developers, United Methodist Voluntary Services, and Youth Offender Rehabilitation Programs.

Fifty-seven percent of the funds received support community development programs that strive to build, maintain, promote and strengthen racial-ethnic minority congregations through local UMC congregations. Thirty-three percent of the funds received support The United Methodist Voluntary Services (UMVS), which serves as a resource to congregations, volunteer-based groups, and programs that challenge unjust political, social, and economic systems which threaten the livelihoods of people.
Ten percent of the funds received support rehabilitation programs. These programs work to strengthen youth empowerment programs that provide positive avenues for youth participation in their communities through churches, mentoring programs, and boys/girls clubs.

For more than half a century, United Methodists have observed this church-wide special Sunday in recognition of the message Jesus demonstrated during his life: all of God’s children are important.

One of the wonderful aspects of The United Methodist Church is that we can do so much more together than we ever could do on our own. Our gifts are part of building “the beloved community.”

$10,000 for the Crisis Center

The Crisis Center in Manhattan provides a safe haven for women and children to remove themselves from abusive situations. College Avenue UMC (CAUMC) has strongly supported the Crisis Center since it opened in 1979. This church was there at the beginning and is still there as the Crisis Center moves into a new home. The Church Council has approved an effort to raise $10,000 to help the Crisis Center furnish and equip the new facility. Members and friends of the church can help by donating to this effort. You may write a check to the church with a note on the memo line saying “Crisis Center.” You may also make a gift online. Please help CAUMC reach this goal and continue our strong support for the Crisis Center.

Care Packages for Hospital Employees

From Andrea Purvis, Chair of the Mission and Outreach Team:

The Mission and Outreach Team is putting together some care packages for our local healthcare workers as a thank you for their continuing hard work during this pandemic.  We are seeking volunteers to help us form an assembly line/team to put together the packages.  We plan to meet at the church on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. in room 200 to put them together.  Hope you can join us!

Help Those Impacted by Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida’s impacts will be felt for a long time along the Gulf Coast. With torrential rains and wind speeds that topped 150 mph, damage ranges from destroyed homes to flooded streets and a crippled power grid.

The storm made landfall Aug. 29, and its slow progression—often only at 8 to 10 mph—meant its high winds and heavy rains stayed over areas for long periods of time while advancing north and east into the continental United States.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is deploying to Louisiana, and Great Plains Conference Early Response Teams are expected to deploy once public safety officials give approval — likely in a week or two. Great Plains personnel are encouraged not to self-deploy but rather to wait until the official call is made to avoid hampering efforts of emergency responders who are still trying to rescue people from flooded areas.

You can make a financial donation today or in the weeks that follow. By check, special offering envelope, or online at

Little Free Pantry Collection

Tomorrow, September 5, 2021, we’ll be taking up a collection for the Little Free Pantry. You can contribute money or food items. If you choose to bring food, we especially need Energy/Snack/Granola bars, peanut butter and jelly, pancake mix (the kind that only needs water is best), macaroni, canned meat/fish, individual cereal packets, pasta, spaghetti sauce, fruit snacks, snack bars, canned fruit, and self-contained microwaveable meals, personal hygiene products, and water.

Signs Are In

Our “Love Kindness” yard signs are here. Send an email to or call 785-263-2623 if you would like one delivered by the youth group, or you can stop by the church during office hours and pick one up. (The signs are free either way.)

Mission and Outreach Meeting Notes

The Mission and Justice Team met last Tuesday night and heard reports about the Shepherd’s Run, the Hat and Mitten Tree and the Little Free Pantry. It was noted that a lot of kids have been using the Little Free Pantry and that has created demand for kid-friendly items such as snack bars. Pastor Collins shared that we have a donor offering to purchase “Love Kindness” yard signs for an outreach project. The design is below.

Little Free Pantry COVID-19 Update

This post is a Little Free Pantry update. Yesterday the little free pantry received so much use that it was restocked four times. In an indication that it isn’t being misused, a different person came to collect items from the pantry each time. I’m sharing this to thank those of you who have contributed for your ministry and to encourage those of you who haven’t participated to do so. God made us to look out for one another, to care for one another, to serve one another. We are our siblings keepers.*

You can bring donations to the church office, drop them by the Divel’s house (the two story pink house on Cedar street across from the church—you can’t miss it) or simply keep them in the car and restock the little free pantry when you drive by. If you do the latter, please send me an email or text so we can keep track of how many times it is refilled.

*I know that in Genesis, Cain said, “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” (NRSV) But Cain had just murdered his brother out of jealousy. Cain’s question is a cautionary tale, not an example to follow. The entire life of Jesus Christ affirms that we are indeed our siblings keepers.

Hat and Mitten Tree

This year the Mission and Outreach Team is again sponsoring a “Hat and Mitten Tree” in the narthex (lobby). We’re collecting hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, underwear, and socks in all sizes from pre-k to high school. (Underwear and socks go under the tree!) We’ll turn these items over to employees of the Abilene school system around the first of the year.