Wonderful Wednesday Kickoff

We’ll have our first Wonderful Wednesday meal tomorrow (September 9, 2015) from 5 pm to 6 pm. There will also be a brief communion service at the same time (5 pm), but there should be plenty of time to attend the service and then eat.

As I announced this Sunday from the pulpit, our topic of conversation following the Wonderful Wednesday meal tomorrow has changed. The following day, Jenny and I will be attending a clergy event where we’re hoping to learn how to better lead difficult conversations. It seemed wise to us to postpone the conversation about the homosexuality and the United Methodist Church until we had that training.

Instead, Jenny and I are hoping to update you on some issues in the church. These issues include the status of new carpet and tile for the sanctuary, narthex, and main offices; children’s Sunday School, fall mission projects and anything else you want to ask us about.