John Wesley on Schism

This is my third post in a row on homosexuality. Sorry to keep bringing up the issue, but things keep coming up. This time it’s an article by Ricky Harrison that expresses my deep desire for the United Methodist Church to remain united despite our differences. Add to the fact that this article on a relevant issue references John Wesley and I just can’t help myself.

The article references John Wesley’s sermon “On Schism.” Schism is the formal term for a church split. It is an ugly term for an ugly thing. I agree with John Wesley when he says

“Do not rashly tear asunder the sacred ties which unite you to any Christian society. …  take care how you tend the body of Christ by separating from your brethren. It is a thing evil in itself. It is a sore evil in its consequences.”

Abilene First United Methodist Church is a church of great diversity, theological and otherwise. I believe that our diversity enriches our common life together, despite the difficulties it sometimes entails. There are situations in which schism is an unavoidable evil, but I do not believe our current differences on the issue of homosexuality constitute one of those situations.

Link to John Wesley’s sermon, “On Schism”:
Link to Ricky Harrison’s article at the United Methodist Reporter: