Biblical Interpretation, Not Biblical Authority

A disclaimer: I’m posting this in the hope that a better understanding of competing views on homosexuality will help us to better live together in the love and unity for which Christ prayed (John 17:20-23).

I don’t know who first asserted that the issue of homosexuality within the Christian faith is one of biblical interpretation, not biblical authority, but I certainly believe that statement to be true. I think United Methodists who support a change in the church’s stance on homosexuality trust that those who hold the traditional view do so out of respect and reverence for scriptural authority. However, I’m not sure that those who hold the traditional interpretation always understand that many of those on the other side of the issue share their respect and reverence for the authority of scripture. I think “How can someone who supports changing the church’s position claim to affirm the authority of scripture?” is a question often left unanswered because it is often left unasked. Below is an answer from Matthew Vines, author of God and the Gay Christian.

If you hold the traditional view and want to better understand those on the other side of the issue (or if you support changing the church’s position and want to be able to better explain why), I would commend God and the Gay Christian to you. However, I do not do this uncritically (for one thing, Matthew cites the Calvinist, John Piper, more often than I would like).