New Church Directory

Blue CrossThe following article was written by Mary Reimler:

Many of you have been asking when a new church directory would become available, and it is our hope that we will have one ready by the end of the summer. This directory will also be available on-line which will allow us to add to or delete photographs as necessary. Pastor Collins has proposed that we obtain the services of a volunteer who is a “camera-bug” at heart and who will take the digital photos of our members which will then be downloaded onto the computer and eventually into the new directory. A digital camera will be provided to anyone interested in taking on this fun task; or you are welcome to use your own camera so long as it is digital. If you already have a favorite photo of yourself or your family, and it can be sent to me by e-mail, please feel free to do so and we will try and use that particular photo. Please remember to list each family member that appears in the photo in the correct order. For additional information or to volunteer your photography skills, please contact me at 785-263-2623; or e-mail,