Music Notes: "Who Shall Appear?"

Received from Clark Williamson:

The Chancel Choir’s musical offering today is the Advent anthem “Who Shall Appear?” Words and music are by John Purifoy but part of the lyrics have been adapted from prophesies of Micah and Isaiah. Midway through the piece you’ll hear our sopranos and altos in a paraphrase of Micah 5:2 proclaiming “You, O Bethlehem, who are so small, from you shall come One who is great for all.” Then later on the whole choir builds a crescendo emphasizing Isaiah 40:3-5. “In the wilderness, prepare the way. Every valley shall be lifted up, and the glory of the Lord will be revealed.” The haunting tone and mood to the music is also enhanced by the solo recorder; a wooden flute held like a clarinet and played by Mary Jo Miles.