Voice of the Day: Kenneth E. Bailey

Sunday, I’ll be preaching on Luke 15.1-10 which contains the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. While reading for the sermon, I found a great quote, but it doesn’t fit my sermon. I wanted to share it here:

“Yet was it wise to leave the ninety-nine and wander away searching for the one? … Does the lost individual matter or are “the people” alone important? Indeed, it is the shepherd’s willingness to go after the one that gives the ninety-nine their real security. If the one is sacrificed in the name of the larger group, then each individual in the group is insecure, knowing that he or she is of little value. If lost, he or she will be left to die. When the shepherd pays a high price to find the one, he thereby offers the profoundest security to the many.”

— Kenneth E. Bailey