Open Door Mission Trip

Received from Wendy Robinson:

On Monday, September 9, 2013, 3 girls; Anna, Quincey, & Maya used their day off from school to “give back”! The three girls and I drove to Wichita KS and helped at Open Door food distribution center.

As soon as we got out of the car we were greeted by a young mother who was pushing a stroller with a child  hidden under, a mountain of clothes, food, and paper goods. The young mother and child were walking away from the center in 103 degree heat headed home.

Once we went inside, we were greeted by volunteers who were helping a number of women and families complete forms and information about the help they could receive.

We were given a tour of the small but full facility and an explanation on how the facility works. Over 300 people volunteer help a month with intake, food unloading, packaging and actual interaction with the clients coming in for services.

Open Door receives food from The Food Bank of Wichita, USDA, donations from individuals, companies, and churches.

We were asked to help build boxes for a monthly commodity clients can sign up for. Open Door will  be providing 700 boxes in  the next two weeks.

The boxes we built contained 2 bottles of orange juice, 2 boxes of milk ( the kind that doesn’t need refrigerated) 1 bag of powdered milk, 1 bag of rice, 2 cans of corn, 2 cans of green beans, 2 cans of applesauce, a can of chili, and a jar of peanut butter.

The girls asked how long this box would last. My answer to them was how long would it last at your house. Their answer…”WOW”!

I believe the girls  enjoyed themselves a great deal knowing their couple of hours of help impacted a number of people and families.

I am so proud of these girls for using their day off from school to help others in a hot and dusty warehouse.  They really showed great compassion and love for others.

Great job Gals!