Work Study Fellowship

We’re excited to announce the beginning of a new outreach project here at First that we’re calling the “Work Study Fellowship”. Using the language of the old adage, instead of giving someone a fish, we’re going to help them learn how to fish. We’re starting a program that should be beneficial both to Heather Scott (the participant) and to the church.

Heather’s responsibilities will be:

  • 10 hours of “work study” in the office each week, answering the phone and greeting visitors to extend the church’s office hours (when not answering the phone or greeting visitors, the rest of her time is to be spent studying)
  • progress in a course of study at Coffeyville Community College
  • meeting with a life mentor(s)

In exchange, the church will provide:

  • 10 “work study” hours each week for up to two years
  • a wage of $7.50 per “work study” hour
  • instruction/experience in bookkeeping using quick books
  • a life mentor(s)
  • references for future employment

Other expectations:

  • regular worship attendance whenever possible (not necessarily at First United Methodist Church)

United Methodists have always valued education and this program is an expression of that priority. It is a departure from traditional scholarships in that it seeks to add a layer of accountability (also a traditional United Methodist value) and to make available to Heather the full scope of the church’s support system. This program will exist outside of the church’s budget and will be funded by special offerings. Heather’s employment as a custodian is not bound to this program.