Third Annual Walking Challenge

From the Kansas East Conference Website:

The 3rd annual Walking Challenge between the Kansas West and Kansas East conferences will be held January 15, 2012 through April 15, 2012.

This three-month span includes the liturgical season of Lent as well as the Day of Resurrection, which will serve to guide the spiritual materials connected to the challenge.

Each congregation is invited to collectively participate within their districts in the Walk to Jerusalem. As a community of faith, each church and member is challenged to look beyond self, beyond the local church walls and to draw together collectively with their district to “walk” the 6,759 miles from the bishop’s office in Wichita to Jerusalem. Individually, this could take a lifetime. Collectively as a body, it can be done in a few short months.

This is a pilgrimage anyone of any age can participate in, and the collective movement is not restricted to walking. Run, swim, bike, canoe, use a manual wheelchair or dance to earn miles. The goal is to get moving, to do something you already do and take it up a notch or to do something completely new.

We’ve already had more than ten people express interest. Those without internet access can let John or Jenny know and we’ll make sure your information gets entered online. Otherwise, you can sign-up and log your information here.