Successful Church Conference

We had a great turnout for the Cluster Church Conference last Sunday afternoon. We hosted the following United Methodist Churches from the area: Angola, Valeda, Chetopa St. Paul, Caney, Coffeyville St. James and Coffeyville Trinity. Many people including some of our colleagues who came to lead the church conferences were impressed with the new carpet and pews in the sanctuary. Words often used included: open, inviting, and welcoming. During the joint communion service, each church presented a brief report highlighting a ministry or project they were excited about. For our report, Nikki Kirk led the Children’s choir in the communion song, I Will Remember You (not the Sarah McLachlan version).

After splitting up for individual Church Conferences we found ourselves with 15 members present (a small number, but not bad for a church conference). Paul Wolf, the pastor at Parsons Wesley UMC, began by complimenting us on the pews and the new carpet. We then we launched into the business meeting finishing our work in 30 minutes, before District Superintendent Janet Maxwell, could make it in to see us (she caught a great many members as we were leaving). Jenny and I want to thank everyone who attended. The Church Conference plays an important role in preserving the democratic nature of United Methodist polity.