Voice of the Day and Opinion: The Death Penalty

Via Sojourners:

“It is impossible to create a perfect system, free of all mistakes. I think it’s the right and just thing to abolish the death penalty and punish those who commit heinous crimes — evil people — with life in prison without parole or any chance of release.”

— Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois after signing a death penalty ban, noting that he turned to the Bible for wisdom and drew strength from the writings of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

Sometimes someone is exonerated after they are executed by additional new evidence or the confession of the guilty party. I recently read an estimate that ten percent of the time we, as a society, execute the wrong person. I’m opposed to the death penalty because I think it’s wrong to kill people to show that killing people is wrong. But I’m even more appalled at the thought of the double injustice of executing someone for a crime they didn’t commit (after all, my Lord and Savior was crucified for a crime he did not commit). Given the high moral and financial cost of the death penalty (far above imprisoning someone for life), I think a death penalty ban is both a practical and profoundly Christ-like response. Both of those are reasons one should be implemented in Kansas.