A Tithing Confession

We (John and Jenny) have a confession to make. Previously, believing that it’s important to lead by example, we been open about the fact that we tithe. In fact we had increased our giving above a tithe on our salaries to $500 a month. We went to a stewardship seminar last Saturday and the speaker was talking about the importance of pastors leading by example and we were, you might say, proud of the fact that we were doing that. Well, pride goes before the fall. He then pointed out that our parishioners do not get to live in free houses. And that pastors need to include a tithe on the market value of the parsonage. Oops. We did some mental calculations and realized we needed to increase our giving by about $60 a month (that and the amount we were previously giving above what we thought was a tithe will bring us up to a tithe). We’ve started doing that and we wanted you to know. To us this serves as a reminder of three things: that tithing is the grateful return to God of the first fruits of what God has given us, that the important thing in the Christian life is not to dwell on the mistakes of the past but to do what we can to correct them as we move forward and that, in the Christian life, there is always room for improvement.