Some Theater Seats Sold

If you worship in the sanctuary during the 10:50 service today, you may notice some blue tape on some of the theater seats. These have been sold. About a month ago the trustees have made the decision to sell the existing theater seats for $20 each to members and $25 to non-members.* At present we haven’t started advertising them outside of the church, in order to give church members first choice, but that will soon change. If you have a choice seat you want, you need to reserve it now.

*A few other details: 1. We’ll only sell multiple seats in a consecutive manner (e.g. we’ll only sell three seats that are right next to each other, not one from each section). 2. You’ll need to make your own arrangements to pick them up. 3. You’ll need to wait to pick them up until the pews have been installed, but you’ll need to pick them up relatively quickly after that.