United Methodists in Grace Park — Updated

Dave Larimore, standing with paint scraper in hand, has apparently not noticed the warning on the ladder that reads: "Do not stand at or above this level."

We had eleven thirteen people at Grace Park this past Saturday (April 17, 2010). All the equipment was thoroughly scraped and a first coat of paint put down. It looks a great deal better already.

Jan Hester was kind enough to hold the trash bag while I shoveled out some of the curbs and it was interesting to see that after I had done some, one person living next to the park came out and cleaned the curb in front of their house. This kind of work can be contagious.

The first job given to humanity, a task given before the fall from grace into sin, was to tend to God’s good creation. Both the volunteers at Grace Park and the volunteers taking recycling materials up to Independence this past Saturday were doing just that. Thank you all.