Sunday School in the 21st Century

Every day technology is becoming more and more a part of our lives. To young people growing up today, technology is a given. It always has been a part of their lives and they probably cannot imagine life without it. Certainly some have abused technology, but it can also be a great learning tool.

I am excited to share with you some news about the new curriculum we will be using in the children’s Sunday school class beginning in September. It is called, Live B.I.G. (Belief In God). It is designed to enable kids to engage the Bible stories and live out their faith throughout the week. Each week there is a DVD segment that the class watches—engaging the senses of hearing and sight. There are also songs to learn with actions to engage them physically. We are using a one-room format that has activities for children ages 3-13 so that we can separate by ages as needed—coloring and crafts help promote creativity.

But one of the most exciting things for me about this new curriculum is that the creators are developing a website that has a section for the students to go to during the week to reinforce what they learned in Sunday school, where parents can go to see what their children are learning, and where teachers can go for additional help. This website is a way to help carry the message learned on Sunday throughout the week.

We are living in a technological world and there are exciting ways we can use technology to reach new generations to live their lives as disciples of Christ. I invite you to spread the word about our children’s Sunday school. Exciting things are happening and our class is growing. I invite you to bring a child or a grandchild or a friend or neighbor, and then stay for one of our many adult classes as well (we’ve got a new book study beginning in our young adult class beginning September 10).

Christ is the same, yesterday, today, tomorrow, but how we share our faith, and the mediums we use to teach new generations change. What better way to help shape the faith of a child than by inviting them to Live B.I.G.?