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Chewing Gum, Walking, and 2 Corinthians

As I mentioned last Sunday, we are behind in our giving for the funding of our 2019 Plan for Mission and Ministry (our budget). We are by no means alone. I don’t know of a United Methodist Church that isn’t struggling this year. Nonetheless, we’re taking up a special offering for UMCOR* Hurricane Relief this Sunday. We’re doing so because we believe we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We’re doing so because our stuggle is nothing compared to the suffering of hurricane victims. We’re doing so because of the example of the churches of Macedonia:

“1 Brothers and sisters, we want to let you know about the grace of God that was given to the churches of Macedonia. 2 While they were being tested by many problems, their extra amount of happiness and their extreme poverty resulted in a surplus of rich generosity. 3 I assure you that they gave what they could afford and even more than they could afford, and they did it voluntarily.” — 2 Corinthians 8:1-3 (CEB)

I’m certain that Macedonian’s poverty was far worse than anything we can imagine and yet they gave generously. We can give to UMCOR and fund our work as a local congregation. Christ calls us to do both. Let us give generously.

*The United Methodist Committee on Relief

Public Wi-Fi Password

It appears that someone recently pulled their vehicle underneath the overhang in the east parking lot (probably to use the free Wi-Fi). I’m fine with that. But they tossed their ciggarette butts on the ground in the parking lot, with which I am not fine. For that reason, there is now a password on the Free Public WIFI network at the church. “John.Wesley” (without quotes) is the password.

Update: Please note the dot ( . ) between “John” and “Wesley.”

Storm Fallout

A big storm came through Sunday night, and our electronic systems felt the effects. The phone system is working again (though limping slightly), Wi-Fi has been restored (but not in Wright Fellowship Hall), and parts have been ordered for the screens in the sanctuary. We could use your help with the phones as we can’t fully evaluate that system from within the church building. Let us know if you have any problems calling the church office. It’s a complicated system and I suspect that we haven’t found, much less fixed, all the bugs yet. Jenny’s and my cell phones are working just fine if you want to contact us directly.

You’ve Got a Squirrel in Your Attic

There is a squirrel in the parsonage attic (which is our home, but your house). I’m not having a lot of luck getting rid of it. I scared it off and boarded up the hole, but it chewed its way back in. I’m going to try a number of things to make the attic less attractive to squirrels. The first of which was a rag soaked in apple cider vinegar, the third of which may be strobe light, and the second of which is the playing of loud music whenever we’re not in the house. Any requests for the playlist or suggestions of another solution?

Blessing of the Backpacks

Next Sunday Morning, August 18, 2019, we’ll have the blessing the backpacks. All children are invited to bring their backpacks up to the chancel with them during the children’s time. The backpacks, and more importantly, the children they belong to, will be blessed for the new year of school. School personnel are also encouraged to bring their work bags to worship and participate, but even if you don’t, we’ll be praying for you.

Couples in Alphabetical Order

We’re changing the way that the names of couples are listed in the church contact directory. Out of concern for any confusion that might arise from today’s sermon, we’re just going to use alphabetical order in future editions. E.g. your pastors will be listed as “Collins, Jennifer and John.”

Tithes, Offerings, and Payment Box

A secure dropbox has been installed in the office for tithes, offerings, and payments (e.g. books, coffee, etc.). This dropbox works just like a locking offering plate. You can use an offering envelope or the memo line of your check to designate your gift. Anything undesignated will go into the general fund.

Parade Restrooms

The office hours at the church have been changed, but we’re aware that a lot of you took advantage of the church’s clean “facilities” before and during the parade. Fear not, I’ll be there this afternoon, Thursday, August 1, 2019, in the building or on the grounds watching the procession. And I’ll keep the main doors (the ones to the narthex/lobby) open until at least 5 p.m.