Things I Want You To Know #7 1/2

Something I need to add to #7: you don’t need to pay your pastor’s way when you invite them out. What my mother calls “Dutch Treat” is fine, even preferable. We’re not looking for a free lunch, just your company.

For easy reference, “Things I Want You to Know #7” can be found below.

The seventh thing I want you to know is that I’m not particularly eager to go to places/events by myself. I wish I had shared when we first came. Like most people, I get nervous going to places where I don’t know anyone (or even where I know only a few people). Many, if not most, parishioners want their pastor to be active in the community. The best way you can help this along is to extend an invitation to a ball game, a concert, a play, a club meeting, the parade, the fair, etc.