A Stewardship Clarification

In Sunday’s stewardship moment, I encouraged those who could afford to do so* to tithe their stimulus checks, especially if you’ve been wanting to step up to tithing. I had a question from someone seeking clarification, and I want to share my answer with everyone. I did not mean for you to give the entire $600 to the church**. What I meant to suggest was that you take a tithe (10% = $60) of the $600 and give that to the church as a supplement to your regular giving.

*Allow me to use myself as an example as someone who could do this. The COVID-19 pandemic has not been a financial hardship upon me. The $600 stimulus check is an unexpected windfall. When I tithe it and give $60 to the church, I’ll still have a $540 windfall that I’ll be looking to put to good use.
**Speaking on behalf fo the church, we would not say no to the full $600, but I was in no way suggesting that.