Casts and Characters for the Christmas Pageant

The names of the cast and characters in yesterday’s Christmas Pageant were largely cropped out of the screen by bug that iMovie somehow considers a feature. Here they are in full:

  • Jason Vinduska as Dad
  • Cora Vinduska as Cora
  • Joy Clemence as Mary
  • Eyler Holt as the Angel
  • Alyssa Farr as Elizabeth
  • Parker Farr as Joseph
  • Carson Woodworth as Caesar and Magi Number 3
  • Luke Hunter as Shepherd Number 1
  • Tyler Green as Shepherd Number 2
  • Emily Vinduska as Shepherd Number 3
  • Ava Crist as Sheep Number 1
  • Blair Adams as Sheep Number 2
  • Jensen Woodworth as Magi Number 1
  • Jackson Green as Magi Number 2
  • Jack Hunter as King Herod
  • and a thank you to Braden Adams for filming!