A Plan of Separation

Leaders of diverse factions within the United Methodist Church are offering a plan of separation to avoid further infighting within the church over LGBTQ+ inclusion. You can read the article, the “Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation” itself, and a set of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) online.

If any of this inclines you to leave, please come talk to Jenny or I first. I have nothing further to offer below but idle speculation:

1. I think the chances of this passing are pretty good. [But I also thought that about the One Church Plan, which failed to pass.]

2. I have no reason to imagine that Abilene First will not remain a part of the United Methodist Church.

3. Even if the plan of separation passes (a big if), I do not think non-affirming folks in this congregation need to worry about an openly LGBTQ+ pastor being appointed here anytime soon. I believe that the conference knows that this church is not ready for that. I would remind you that were a woman appointed here as senior pastor (and not as part of a clergy couple), that in and of itself would be a first. Members of the congregation who are ready for an LGBTQ+ clergy person will have to content themselves with the fact that such folks are being appointed within the denomination. (Remember the above disclaimer about all this being only idle speculation.)

4. Regardless of what happens at general conference, I would encourage the Church Council to endorse Jenny’s and my decision to only perform weddings when at least one person in the couple is an active member of the church (or a previously active youth who graduated and moved away). That would mean that when the issue of a gay wedding arises for this particular local church, it will come up within the context of a beloved member wanting to get married in the church to which they belong. I know of no LGBTQ+ members of this church who are currently engaged. My goal here is not to cut down on the number of gay weddings in particular, but to cut down on the number of weddings that are simply using the building as a backdrop. 

Links: https://bit.ly/37zyfFL, https://bit.ly/35nbqDH, and https://bit.ly/2SR3YOs.