Both Conservative and Progressive

I recently found the following tweetstorm by Austin Fischer in my Twitter feed:

“Why settle for being conservative or progressive when you can be conservative and progressive?

Reject the binary choice. It is not a decision Jesus has asked you to make.

Christians must be conservative. Ours is a received faith, which means we don’t get to make it up. We must tie ourselves to historic orthodoxy.

Christians must be progressive. Ours is a nimble faith, which means we must be responsive to the surprising work of the Spirit of God.

It’s like flying a kite. We need an anchor, but we also need some slack and a mighty wind.” [1]

I don’t know Austin Fischer from Adam (apparently he’s a pastor), but I certainly agree with that.

[1] Austin Fischer, Twitter post, September 5, 2019, 2:52 p.m.,