Judicial Council on the One Church Plan

Below is a statement posted on facebook yesterday [Friday, October 26, 2018] by Mainstream UMC. Information and elaborations contained in [brackets] are my additions for clarification.

The Judicial Council just released Decision 1366. It is very good news for the One Church Plan [the moderate plan] and devastating news for the Traditional Plan. Since the Connectional Conference Plan acknowledged the need up front for 8 constitutional amendments, the Judicial Council did not review it.

In short, the JC [Judicial Council] ruled only 3 minor provisions of the One Church Plan to be unconstitutional. But it ruled 7 of the 17 petitions of the Traditional Plan unconstitutional as well as 4 other provisions. It will take further review to see if the Traditional Plan can be revived by its supporters.

You can read the full decision on our website here (pro tip, you get the gist in the first 4 pages): https://mainstreamumc.com/…/10/JCD-1366-Docket-No1018-12.pdf [1]

An official, Great Plains Conference explanation of the three plans can be found here, or feel free to contact Jenny and me (John) with questions.

Here is the report from United Methodist news service, which includes the detail that the decision was unanimous.

[1] Mainstream UMC. Facebook post, October 26, 2018, 11:37 a.m., https://bit.ly/2RoWIFR.