Off to Emmanuel UMC

This morning (Saturday, September 29, 2018) I’m off to Emmanuel United Methodist Church here in Abilene to observe the first Great Plains chapter meeting of the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA). The WCA describes itself as an organization that “connects Spirit-filled, orthodox churches of Wesleyan theology and their members.” I can certainly get behind Spirit-filled, orthodox churches of Wesleyan theology (in orthodoxy and my love of Wesleyan theology, I yield to no one).

Unfortunately, the WCA expresses their understanding of orthodoxy by being staunchly non-affirming of LGBTQ+ folks. They are preparing for an exit if things at the special called session of General Conference in 2019 don’t go the way they want them to. As you know, I’m LGBTQ+ affirming, and I want to keep the United Methodist Church united. I’m not going to protest, I simply feel that I owe them a fair hearing. Your prayers are appreciated.