Voice of the Day: Bringing Us Through Death Into New Life

There are times when prose almost becomes poetry. I’m most inclined to feel this way when I encounter an important insight put in the form of a remarkable image. N. T. Wright almost alway has an important insight, sometimes he manages to wrap it up in a remarkable image.

It is through Jesus’ crucifixion, Matthew insists, that he becomes what he was born to be: the savior (1.21). And this is how he does it: by extending his arms on the cross, enfolding us in that God-with-us embrace, and bringing us with him through death into a whole new life. — N. T. Wright 1

Ponder that image for a bit, Jesus Christ himself, extending his arms to embrace you and then bringing you through death into a whole new life. It will happen when we physically die, but it can also happen while we’re still physically alive—if we let it.

1 N. T. Wright, Lent for Everyone: Mathew, Year A: A Daily Devotional (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2013), 118.