Take the High Road

In response to my blog post titled “Of AHS and Church”, I received a letter from a parent with children who attend Bishop Miege High School:

“I was at the games in Salina.  I was in the Bishop Miege section surrounded by Abilene fans.  I was yelled at by adults who felt it necessary to use the “f” bomb to tell me to shut up for cheering for my team.  The online debate about classification is fine to have, but to the extent that it has made it open season on Bishop Miege fans, students and players has gotten out of hand.
At Sub-state in Bonner Springs my daughter was walking to our car in her cheer uniform when a pickup full of fans from another school came speeding toward her all yelling obscenities at her as they pulled up beside her.  I was about 30 feet behind her and was in fear for her safety.”
I hope it goes without saying that such behavior is contrary to everything Jesus taught. Jesus calls us to love our neighbors and Bishop Miege students and parents are our neighbors.