A Reminder About Hospital Visitation

I can remember a time in my ministry when I could stand in the kitchen of the Seneca United Methodist Church parsonage in the morning drinking coffee and listen to the names of people in the Seneca Hospital being read live on the air.  It was a quick and convenient way to find out which members were in the hospital and needed a visit.

Those days are long gone; hospitals no longer let pastors know when a member of the church is in the hospital.  If you or someone you love is hospitalized the only truly reliable way to be sure we know about it is for you or a trusted friend or family member to contact us directly.

Visitation is important to us.  We want to pay a call to anyone who wants one (believe it or not, some people don’t want a visit when they’re in the hospital – and we understand, we’re also just fine with that).  We appreciate you making sure we know and want to encourage you to do just that.