Voice of the Day: Roberta Bondi

In preparation for my sermon this Sunday, I reread To Love As God Loves by Roberta Bondi. It is a book with a great deal of wisdom, of which only a small portion will make it into my sermon. I wanted to share a quote that speaks to the ways in which the culture in which the ancient Christians found themselves resembles ours, both in the nature and futility of what was sought. Here it is:

“In the place of love they saw the ever-present need to be right all the time, and the struggle to feed those appetites that only seem to grow greater as they are satisfied—appetites for money, possessions, prestige, food. They saw that all of these, in some way or another, came out of the hides of their neighbors, especially the poor.” —Roberta Bondi, To Love as God Loves.

I think it’s a good thing to occasionally take stock of what we’re pursuing in life. Are we seeking God and the things of God, or are we feeding “those appetites that only seem to grow greater as they are satisfied.” When we find ourselves doing the latter, we need to repent and turn toward the former.